JUST IN: 1st Tomato Virus Case in France Confirmed by Authorities

Authorities Confirm 1st Tomato Virus Case in France

TOMATO VIRUS CASE IN FRANCE – The authorities confirmed the first case of the said plant-targeting virus in the country.

Aside from humans and animals, plants can also be the target of certain viruses. There are several types of virus that can even lead to the damage of the whole crops.

One of these viruses is the tomato virus. One notable case of this virus in the past is when it hit Israel in 2014. The greenhouses were severely affected and the nightmares did not end there.

The said virus that first emerged in the greenhouses in Israel had, later on, spread to Europe. It has also reached the United States.

Tomato Virus Case in France

Recently, another case of the said virus was recorded. Based on a report of ABS-CBN News, the authorities confirmed the 1st tomato virus case in France.

According to the agriculture ministry of France, the said virus that hit west of the Finistere region may lead to the destruction of the whole crops. Since there is no treatment to it yet, they are planning to destroy all the greenhouses with contaminated tomatoes.

Based on the report, the samples were checked and confirmed by the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety. Meanwhile, humans are safe from the virus.

Earlier this month, France already expressed an assurance to regularly inspect their productions. Also, checking on seeds and plants would be administered.

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