Impersonator Chino Liu Receives Designer Jewelry From Kris Aquino

Impersonator Chino Liu happily shared on his social media account that he received designer jewelry from his idol, Kris Aquino.


This, after Liu said that Kris Aquino “kept her promise” as she sent him gifts, in which a gesture he described as “a highlight of my career.” In his Facebook account, impersonator Chino Liu received two pairs of earrings — one from Chanel, and one from Givenchy — from his idol, Kris Aquino.

He described his happiness as “to the highest level” as he received gifts from his idol. Chino also said that he wanted to share it with the public in order to see “how true she is to her words.”

He admitted that he was humbled and grateful for a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

You can read Chino Liu’s message below.

Liu went viral in 2017 for impersonating possible Filipino celebrity voices for the navigation app, Waze. Previously, he got the opportunity to meet his idol, Kris Aquino last December 2019.

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