BREAKING NEWS: Former Child Actor Arrested in Marikina City

Authorities Arrested a Former Child Actor in Marikina City

FORMER CHILD ACTOR – The authorities arrested a former member of the Philippine showbiz industry in Marikina City.

Not everyone stays in the showbiz industry for a very long time. There are those who had a short stint while there are those who remained on the pedestal for years.

To some, they really decided to get away from the spotlight and live a private life. In the case of other former celebrities, they ran out of project offers and had to go back to their private lives.

Sadly, while there are those who became even more successful after their showbiz stint, most especially those who ventured business, there are those who really struggled. Once in a while, their fans and supporters can hear updates about them although they are not anymore in showbiz.

Former Child Actor

However, recently, a news report about an incident in Marikina City involving a former child actor crossed the surface. Based on ABS-CBN News, the said former celebrity was arrested.

The former celebrity allegedly stabbed a man in Barangay San Roque in Marikina City. According to Marikina City Police Chief Colonel Restituto Arcangel, a concerned citizen reported about the incident.

Based on the report, the incident specifically took place along M.A. Roxas Street. The police responded to the report and when they arrived at the area, the former celebrity was already in the hands of the residents.

The victim who obtained wounds was rushed to the hospital. The suspect was yet to be named and the investigation is still ongong.


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  1. Your news is lacking and who are involved in the accident anyway, it is like a fake news not giving an acvurate news and this news sucked?


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