BREAKING NEWS: 25-Year-Old Man Shot On His Birthday

Still Unidentified Persons Shot 25-Year-Old Man on His Birthday

25-YEAR-OLD MAN – A young man identified as John Paul Sargento was shot by still unidentified persons on his birthday in Caloocan City.

A lot of unfortunate incidents are happening every day. Some of these cases have left people injured while others, it left several people dead.

Some cases are suspected as work-related while others, the personal issues weigh more on the investigation. Aside from these two (2) usual reasons, another common cause is that some people fell victim to the ill motives of others to get some money.

Recently, a suspected similar incident took place in Caloocan City. It involved a young man.

25-Year-Old Man

Based on a report in ABS-CBN News, a 25-year-old man shot on the day of his birthday in Caloocan City. He was identified as John Paul Sargento.

John Paul is a former seaman and is having a part-time job as a motorcycle transport rider. His mother and brother are deeply grieving over the incident.

Based on the report, John Paul was stopped by two (2) to three (3) persons along the Quirino Highway in Caloocan City. His motorcycle was taken away from him before they shot him.

The officials of Barangay 123 helped the victim and brought him to the hospital. They reportedly suspect that the suspects followed him since he came from a restaurant.

John Paul asked for their help and he was brought to the hospital. Based on the report, some security guards heard the victim but the suspects were able to get away from the area quickly.

The 25-year-old man shot on his birthday did not survive the incident. His brother, John Patrick Sargento, is asking the authorities to help their family give justice to the death of his brother.

The Caloocan Philippine National Police (PNP) are already investigating the incident. According to Lieutenant Colonel Ferdinand del Rosario, they are now back-tracking and implementing checkpoints in line with the investigation.


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