BTS Merch With Three Sounds Goes Viral

A certain video caught the attention of the ARMYs (fans of BTS) when a customer bought an ‘unofficial’ BTS merch that has three sounds in it.

BTS Merch

In a Facebook post from Jai Jai, he posted a video where he tested out his newly-bought BTS merch. He later found out that the merch that he bought was not the official merch because of its sounds.

This video already reached more than 257,000 views, more than 15,000 shares and thousands of comments as of this writing. Here are some of the comments from the said post:

BTS Merch

Buti nalang sa mismong booth tayo bumili,” a netizen wrote in the comments.

BTS Merch

Unofficial po daw yan, sabi nung nagtitinda sa bangketa. Sabi nya, Version 3.5 na daw kaya ganyan. Kaya hindi na ako nangamba,” another netizen wrote in the comments.


Kaya po sinabing version 3. Kasi may 3 effects po sya na sounds: 1st effect – I love you; 2nd effect – Dog bark; 3rd effect – Ayay yay. Thanks me later,” another netizen wrote in the comments.


Modern toy ng 90’s for today’s era,” another netizen wrote in the comments.


Nakakahiya naman ‘yan dalhin sa concert. Baka akalain 2019 pa lang e ganyan na itsura ng mga phones.” another netizen wrote in the comments.

The said post already reached more than 13,000 reactions as of this writing. Most of the netizens laughed when they saw the unofficial merch of BTS.

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