Duterte’s Reaction To Quiboloy’s Senate Subpoena

Rodrigo Duterte, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Senate Issues Subpoena VS Quiboloy; Duterte React DUTERTE – Former president Rodrigo Duterte reacted to the Senate subpoena of televangelist Apollo Quiboloy. The Office of the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms has issued a subpoena to Apollo Quiboloy, the leader of the Davao-based Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC), as part of a Senate investigation into allegations of human … Read more

Quiboloy Must Attend Senate Hearing Says Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos, Pastor Quiboloy 2

Quiboloy Must Confront Senate & House Hearings Over Alleged Abuse Claims Says President Bongbong Marcos QUIBOLOY – President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. urged Pastor Apollo Quiboloy to attend Senate and House hearings over alleged abuse claims. Senator Risa Hontiveros pointed out the similarity between Pastor Apollo Quiboloy and Jey Rence ‘Senior Agila’ Quilario of Socorro … Read more

Hontiveros Says Apollo Quiboloy Can’t Avoid Senate Inquiry

Risa Hontiveros, Pastor Quiboloy

Quiboloy Can’t Skip Senate Inquiry Says Hontiveros HONTIVEROS – Senator Risa Hontiveros insisted Pastor Apollo Quiboloy cannot avoid the Senate investigation. Religious leader Apollo Quiboloy has refused to participate in the Senate inquiry concerning alleged crimes, including sexual abuse, within his Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC), despite being summoned by the committee on women. Quiboloy … Read more

Pastor Quiboloy Not Attending Senate Probe, Says It’s A ‘Bogus Hearing’

Pastor Quiboloy, Risa Hontiveros

Pastor Quiboloy Claims Senate Probe Is A ‘Bogus Hearing’ PASTOR QUIBOLOY – Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy stated his refusal to participate in the Senate inquiry into alleged offenses, including s*xual abuse. Religious leader Apollo Quiboloy declared his decision not to attend the Senate investigation regarding allegations, particularly those related to s*xual … Read more

Imee Marcos Thumbs Down Senate Subpoena VS Apollo Quiboloy

Imee Marcos, Pastor Quiboloy 3

Senate Issues Subpoena To Pastor Quiboloy; Imee Marcos Opposes IMEE MARCOS -Senator Imee Marcos has turned down the suggestion put forth by some of her Senate peers to issue a subpoena against Apollo Quiboloy. On February 13, the Senate Committee on Women, Children, Family Relations, and Gender Equality issued a subpoena for Apollo Quiboloy, the … Read more

Senior Agila and Quiboloy Have Similar Styles – Hontiveros

Senior Agila and Quiboloy

Senior Agila and Pastor Apollo Quiboloy have similar recruiting styles, according to Senator Risa Hontiveros. Senior Agila, whose real name is Jay Rence Quilario, is the founder of Socorro Bayanihan Services Incorporated (SBSI), while Quiboloy is the leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC).

Senator Risa Hontiveros Tries Playing Lato-Lato: “Nakakaloka pala talaga siya!”

Risa Hontiveros

Sen. Risa Hontiveros tries playing lato-lato RISA HONTIVEROS – The senator took to the social networking site Facebook, where she posted a video of herself playing lato-lato. Clackers, also known by various names such as Clankers, Ker-Bangers, and lato-lato in the Philippines, gained popularity in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Initially, they were made … Read more

Risa Hontiveros Gives Opinion About the Controversial Maharlika Wealth Fund

Risa Hontiveros

Here’s the opinion of Risa Hontiveros on the Maharlika Wealth Fund RISA HONTIVEROS – The senator gave her opinion about the controversial Maharlika Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF). Congress is expediting the bill establishing the P275 billion Maharlika Wealth Fund (MWF). Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez, a relative of the president, and several other legislators, including Yedda Romualdez, … Read more