Gordon Says Pharmally’s Mago May Become “Fugitive” If Remains Unreachable

Krizle Grace Mago

Senator Gordon to Mago: Show up or be a fugitive On Monday, Senator Richard Gordon said that Krizle Grace Mago of Pharmally Pharmaceuticals Corporation may become a “fugitive” if she remained unreachable, days after admitting that the country’s top medical supplier “swindled” the government. When asked for the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee’s next steps if … Read more

Senators Want Pharmally Employee To Be Placed Under Protective Custody


Senators wanted the Pharmally employee to be placed under the protective custody of the Senate. Senators wanted the employee of Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation to be placed under the protective custody of the Senate after disclosing that the company may have “swindled” the government. During the Senate hearing on Friday, Senate blue ribbon committee chairman Senator … Read more